Solahart Synergy Heatpump

The Solahart SHP Series Heatpump is a smart, energy efficient alternative for areas where a traditional solar water heater may not be suitable. It uses one of the most abundant renewable energy sources, heat from the air, to provide hot water for your family. Rather than using roof mounted collectors, efficient heat pump technology extracts energy from the surrounding air. Ambient warmth is used to convert the refrigerant within the sealed system into a gas. The gas is then compressed to generate even more heat, which then heats the water in the tank. What’s more, this process can work day or night, in sunshine and rain, all year round.

The Solahart SHP Series Heatpump Installation is quick and easy. The heatpump can usually be installed in the same location as an outdoor electric water heater and connected up to the existing plumbing and electrical connections, making it a great replacement for an existing water heater. It is also equipped with an electric booster designed to operate only in very cold conditions. The ceramic lined tank has a protective sacrificial anode.
Key Benefits
  • Uses heat pump technology to extract heat from the air, day or night
  • Ideal for installations not suitable for traditional solar water heaters
  • Integrated electric booster heats in very cold weather conditions
  • Uses less energy than a conventional electric water heater
  • Sleek, Modern Design
Key Features
  • Can save up to 60% to 65% of water heating energy consumption
  • Coefficient of Performance (COP) of 4*
  • Reduced energy use can save up to 1.7 to 2.9 tonnes of CO2 emissions per annum
  • Peace of mind with 3 year tank warranty

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